The ESG Agenda, a brand-new podcast from Brunswick Group, hosted by Partner Amelia Pan. Amelia is joined by industry leaders, innovators, and experts for series of conversations that peek behind the curtain at the ESG issues on the minds of business leaders and investors. Listen on your favourite podcast providers from June 18th.

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Amelia Pan, Partner, Brunswick Group
Amelia’s primary focus at Brunswick is to provide leadership on ESG. She helps global clients understand and respond to sustainability challenges, providing a platform for commercial leadership, and mitigating business and reputational risks.

Amelia helps companies respond to the evolving ESG landscape – including investor interest, regulatory pressures and impacts on financial performance.  She works with Board members, the C-suite and senior executive teams to focus their ESG efforts and engagements on areas of the greatest business materiality.  Amelia has consulted with agenda-setting NGOs and advised clients ranging from global banks to pre-IPO companies, FTSE 350 companies, and U.S. private equity firms.