Seen from China, Europe looks both like a challenging place to invest and a wonderful opportunity at the same time.

Wrapping up an intensive twelve-day business trip to China, it is hard to leave without a sense of awe about the scale, scope and speed of developments in the country. The sense of ambition and destiny shared by the Chinese people is evident even in a limited set of meetings.

Anthony Gardner is a Senior Adviser at Brunswick Group and its Geopolitical offer, based across our London and Brussels offices. Anthony was previously the US Ambassador to the EU 2014-2017. In that capacity, he was intimately involved in the transatlantic trade negotiations, as well as data privacy, digital economy, sanctions and energy security. He is also member of the board of directors of Brookfield Business Partners LP and Iberdrola S.A., and senior counsel in the law firm Sidley Austin LLP. These notes are his personal views.

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